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Plain MDF wood panels, 1/8" thick. 11" x 12"

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These 1/8" think MDF panels are 11" wide x 12" long.  (**THE DIMENSIONS IN THE PICTURES ARE INACCURATE.  I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY CONFUSION.)  Choose the package size, either 10 pc. package or 20 pc. package, from the drop down list beside the picture. Your best buy is the 20 pc. package, since the flat rate shipping is the same for either package size.

These panels are made from the best quality North American hardwood MDF available from the Northeast, and laser cuts like butter.  It cuts so well that there is very little, if any, clean up of the edges, typical of imported MDF products made from cheaper grade materials, and very little smoke staining on the faces also.

We are providing the best laserable wood panels available that we could find.  In my 13 years of laser usage, this is by far the best I have come across.