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Maple MDF core easel stands, 10 stands per set

$26.50 $15.50

These easel stands measure 3"h x 2.75"w x 2"deep and come 10 stands to the set.  Two types of wood are offered.  One is made from 1/8" Maple veneer with an MDF core material and the other is plain MDF.  Both are precut, ready to be assembled when needed. 

These come unassembled so you can print, engrave or paint them easily on any of the surfaces.  These will need to be assembled by you.  Adding a small spot of glue to each end prior to assembly makes these not only permanent, but ready to be reused over and over again, even for phone stands.

At present, this is the medium size offered.  A larger and smaller size are in the works, to facilitate small signage or larger tablets.  Check back for that update.

This maple mdf panel is made from the best grade hardwoods we could find.  They engrave beautifully without any further enhancements or colorings.  Due to the quality of the materials, these also produce very little, if any, smokey residue after engraving.  Take them straight from your laser to the table.