We produce 100% American made slate products, hand crafted right here in VA. You'll love our slate.

MEDIUM Black Slate Serving Tray with Handles INCLUDED!! $12.00 SHIPPING to Continental US, Alaska, & Hawaii Only!!

$27.95 $11.49

MEDIUM slate serving tray set to include one slate tray (8.5" x 11") with brushed nickel handles.  Handles are included separately to be attached by the customer after customization.  Slate trays are predrilled for the handles.  If you do not want handles, be sure to check that option when ordering, otherwise your slates will come predrilled with handles.

These are hand cut slate serving trays, roughly 1/4" thick.  These serving trays are handcrafted with cleft (chipped) edges.

These are "unfinished" without lacquer. 

These are ready to be engraved with your laser, sandblaster, CNC router or printed onto directly with your UV printer. These come without the handles attached to prevent damage during shipment and to facilitate ease of customization.  Handles are easily attached with a Phillips head screwdriver.

These trays have Stainless Steel barrel handles INCLUDED as seen in the pictures!!

THIS IS A NATURAL PRODUCT AND ONE SHOULD EXPECT GREAT VARIATIONS PIECE TO PIECE.  The handles come with four black plastic screw covers that you can apply when you install them.  We do not install the handles prior to shipment to keep the handles and slate from being damaged during shipment plus the handles are out of the way for ease of customization.

Please note that there are many differences in thicknesses, textures and appearances in natural slate stone.  No two stones will be alike.